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White Flesh Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit with the scientific name is Hylocereus undatus of the genus Hylocereus. 

White flesh dragon fruit is commonly grown in the Southern Central and Southern provinces, but the most concentrated growing areas are Binh Thuan and Long An provinces. Dragon fruit grows well in the areas with high and full light intensity. It can be planted on many different types of soil such as gray, faded soil, alum soil...but in order to have a high yield, the soil must have a minimum thickness of 30 - 50 cm.

Dragon fruit has rich content of Vitamins, especially Vitamins C, A and minerals, collagen which help in promoting metabolism, balancing and reducing the production of oxidants that cause aging of skin cells.

Pink Flesh Dragon Fruit.jpg

Purple-Pink Flesh Dragon Fruit

Purple-pink flesh dragon fruit is a hybrid, derived from the cross-breeding between red flesh dragon fruit LD1 (mother) and Cho Gao white flesh dragon fruit (father).

Purple-pink flesh dragon fruit is an excellent source of fiber and helps control diabetes. Fiber helps to stabilize the balance of blood sugar. It contains less calories and more fiber content which helps to improve body digestive system and reduce constipation.

Vacuum Dried Dragon Fruit

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