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Simple, healthy and delicious, blueberries are native to North America and enjoyed around the world. They are produced by domestic and international farmers who have a passion for growing the most delicious and high-quality blueberries. They come in many forms – including fresh, frozen, dried and canned – creating endless possibilities! All year round, wherever you are, you can make any day better with a boost of blue.


There are two main types of Blueberry grown in N.Z. They are:

High Bush a native to the north-eastern areas of the USA, These make up most of the early plantings in N.Z. They are the earliest berries to ripen and with the addition of N.Z. bred cultivars can start fruiting from mid November and continue through to mid February.
This requires a mix of cultivars. The bushes are deciduous and can grow to 6 meters high if unpruned.

Rabbit Eyes these are a native of the south-eastern USA, the rabbit eye bush differs in several ways from the high bush, they are evergreen, more vigorous and yields are usually higher. In N.Z. these make up with N.Z. bred cultivars the main producer of late season fruit, starting production early January and continuing to mid April.

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