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TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Enterprise Ltd. was established in 2020, We operate our business trans Pacific Ocean, with two base-locations: Vancouver BC, Canada, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

​TPP Enterprise Ltd. serves as a trusted partner to help our respectful clients gain direct access to global sources of finest fresh produces and high-quality foods. We are dedicated to accompany our clients on every kilometer of their journey reaching original, authentic, and reliable world-class sources of supply, while ensuring their procurement work is time-saving, cost-effective, and highly productive. We share the same standard principles and values with our buyers: Quality Focus, Value-for-Money, and Peace of Mind.  

The other way round, we are committed to help global growers, marketers, distributors, exporters of fresh produces and high-quality specialty foods to facilitate market expansion and accelerate sales growth on top of their exporting business. Through our strong connections with retail channel nationwide, we can help global suppliers to gain access to the top leading supermarket and convenience store-chain systems in both Western and Eastern Pacific Regions.

We utilize a partnership-minded business model that leverages our strong relationships, people assets, and market intuitions in pursuance to capture the high momentum of market growth in Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. 

We aim to achieve valuable long-term partnership with every stakeholder in the chain.  

Let's come and work together;

Together we make it happen!

ABOUT: About

Mr. Wilson Hsu

Founder & Managing Director

The company is owned by Mr. Wilson Hsu and partners. Wilson obtained an MBA degree in Global Marketing Management in USA, and has totally 15 years of professional working experience in sales and marketing, of which 8 years engaged himself in the area of agriculture including marketing of pesticides products, commercialization of seafood additives,  and big-scale trading of international fresh produces.

Furthermore, Wilson possesses tri-lingual skill (English - Chinese - Vietnamese), which allows him to be able to well communicate with different business people among North America and the Asia-Pacific regions.

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